Words Matter More Than Ever: Employ These “Magic Words” to Motivate, Engage & Influence




June 23, 2020
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

With Steve Sperry
This course will be VIRTUAL by ZOOM.

In normal times, we make allowances for each other when someone says something abrupt or rude.  When under stress, it’s significantly harder to deal with a coworker or boss who upsets us.  With some simple word substitutions, we can not only reduce tension, but also build confidence and trust.

In this session learn the science and secrets behind 7 words that Motivate, Engage and Influence!  You will walk away with food for thought and ways to implement:

  • Growth mindset: Is it more important for you to learn or for your team as a whole to grow?
  • Attitude: Sometimes it is as simple as changing someone’s “state of mind”.
  • Motivation: How powerful your subconscious really is when making decisions

ABOUT Steve Sperry:

Steve Sperry, owner of Inventive Dental Solutions. Steve has been a dental advisor providing dental specific coaching, consulting, practice management and marketing services for over 25 years. In 1987, Steve fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning his own company and founded Pinnacle Practices, Inc., which grew into the largest dental consulting firm in the South. Over 18 years, Steve developed in house programs, teaching strategies, and workshops for his dental clients and worked “hands on” with over thousands of practices, ensuring their success. In addition, Steve lectured regularly at dental schools, dental societies, universities, and study groups, and contributed several articles to dental journals and magazines.

In December 2004, Steve sold his company in Dallas, and moved West to Nevada, where he founded Inventive Dental Solutions, LLC. Steve has continued and expanded his work coaching clients in Nevada and Southern California, and has created the LOTUS leadership program for dental professionals. Steve has worked hands-on with thousands of practices, developing and implementing strategic business plans and models for growth and a lifetime of success. Steve’s passion is to train dentists to become leaders who own a business not a job.

Steve’s Specialties include dental practice management, dental marketing, positioning dental practices to add partners/associates, group practices, dental team building, and dental leadership.


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