Single Dental Implant Placement


This program will provide an overview of the possible restorative workflows for Implants, including temporary and final restorations, analogic and digital, Implant-level and Abutment-level routes as well as discuss various Implant prosthetic solutions.

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COURSE FEE: $2,500

DATES: October 1-2, 2022
TIME: : 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Bruno Arnaud

Course Overview

Learn How to Achieve Better Clinical Results in the Current State of Dental Implantology

Since the concept of osseointegration was discovered in the 1950’s by Prof. Brånemark, many studies have shown high success rates centered around the functionality of dental implants with no regard for esthetics. The longevity of an implant inserted into bone is no longer an issue, but the longevity of the crowns over these implants and the soft tissue surrounding it are now more important, not only from the functional aspect but also from the esthetic point of view. Another important aspect to be observed is the way the soft and hard tissues behave once an implant receives function.

Implant dentistry is evolving in a rather fast pace, and with it, so are the patient’s expectations regarding their clinical outcomes. With Immediate Implant protocols being a reality, today, it is important we keep updated with the current solutions available in the market and with how they can help all of us clinicians on creating more efficient protocols that are better for the patient, and also easier, faster and more profitable for our practices. To that end, understanding the various ways to restore and the prosthetic components available for tailoring your clinical solutions is key to a successful practice. Digital dentistry is also quickly becoming an important factor in our current standard of care. It is changing the economics, efficiencies and quality of dental treatment. It is not an issue of if you’re going to adopt it, but when. This program will provide an overview of the possible restorative workflows for Implants, including temporary and final restorations, analogic and digital, Implant-level and Abutment-level routes as well as discuss various Implant prosthetic solutions.

Teaching method: Lecture, Live Surgery, Hands-on

Course Objectives
Attendees will learn how to:

  • Review History of dental implants
  • Identify Anatomy and key landmarks
  • Explain Surgical implant placement step-by-step
  • Understand and apply Implant staging and healing
  • The importance of implant placement thinking 3-dimensionally
  • Optimization of the bone crest and soft tissue maintenance
  • Plan Anterior implants
  • Discuss Diagnostics keys to aesthetic implants
  • The level of the restoration: Implant vs Abutment
  • Discuss Implant temporization
  • Explain Immediate implant placement
  • Compare Zygoma implants
  • Function vs aesthetic and phonetic vs hygiene. What is more important?
  • Understand Overdentures
  • Understand and apply All-on-4/6
  • Perform Hands-on implant placement and abutment options
  • Abutment collar height selection regarding biological width
  • Adding the digital workflow nowadays
  • Understand Implant-abutment connections and how they interfere with our clinical outcomes
  • Learn the Importance of preserving the biological width on the restorative procedures and how the selection of the correct abutment gingival height plays a critical role in it
  • Explore Implants restorative solutions
  • Understand the different workflows you can use for each case, including digital ones
  • Familiarize yourself with temporary restorative options and workflows
  • Learn the step-by-step of creating temporary restorations to create and or maintain an ideal emergence profile for your prosthetic solutions
  • Optimize the selection and use of healing abutment depending on your case scenario and portfolio options
  • Identify different Impression types and best practices
  • Practice implant-level/ abutment-level, open-tray/ closed-tray techniques on a hands-on Impression workshop
  • Discuss the solutions with the different abutment options
  • Study the abutment selection criteria and when to choose each type
  • Learn how build the proper parts/ workflow method that best suits your practice

ABOUT: Dr. Bruno Arnaud

Dr. Bruno Arnaud HeadshotDr. Bruno Arnaud is Head of Clinical Affairs, DSO, North America, for the Straumann Group. He earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Faculdade de Odontologia de Pernambuco – FOP/UPE and received a certificate of specialist in Prosthodontics by the Brazilian Dental Association, and certificates for advanced trainings in Periodontal Surgery and Implantology. Most recently he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School at Chapel Hill. Dr. Arnaud was an assistant teacher with the Brazilian Dental Association for 6 years and became co-founder of the Saude Dental Center of Integrated Dentistry, in Recife, Brazil, where he worked for 13 years.

With hundreds of lectures, presented in multiple countries, on various subjects of dental implantology, Dr. Arnaud is passionate on sharing his experience acquired through thousands of dental procedures ranging from implant placement and implant-related reconstructive surgeries, to a diverse range of esthetic, cosmetic and prosthetic solutions, to extensive and complex oral rehab cases.

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