ONLINE COURSE – Moving Past COVID-19, Return to a Future Where You Love the Life You Live





April 29, 2020
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

With Julieanne O’Connor
This course will be VIRTUAL by ZOOM.
STRATEGY IS KEY to living a great life. Now that you’ve had a moment to process your priorities, learn why coming up with a powerful strategy to return to your practice, will mean the difference between a great life OR a day job.
  • Learn why a powerful strategy changes everything
  • Identify your personal intent, purpose, and direction
  • Discover how easy it is to create your strategy

ABOUT Julieanne O’Connor:

Julieanne O’Connor is an Award-Winning Author, TEDx and NSA Speaker, Actor, Certified Corporate Trainer and Faculty Member of 4M Institute for Dentists as well as the director for ZLinked Marketing & Advertising and the co-founder of the Nano Podcast Alliance for Dentists. She has been named “Best New Author” and “Speaker of the Year” and is known for her refreshing approach to creative strategies to help dentists with work-life balance during times of tremendous pressure. A master of connection, Julieanne has worked with hundreds of dentists over the years and continues to maintain working relationships with most to this day. A leader of Dental Mastermind groups and frequently in the press for creative advice that helps small businesses to succeed, Julieanne is a strategist with heart.



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