DATES: April 15, 2021
TIME: 8:00 am – 9:00 am

INSTRUCTOR: Julieanne O’Connor
This course will be VIRTUAL by ZOOM.
Course created: 4/5/19
Course Overview
Join an interactive virtual meeting to learn how your mindset affects everything from your practice and personal goals, to your leadership style and mission.
Teaching method: Webinar
Course Objectives
Attendees will learn how to:
  • Evaluate your mindset – discover where you’re at today based on basic human needs
  • Recognize how decision-making can change everything in a moment
  • Understand and apply 4 steps to changing your circumstances

ABOUT: Julieanne O’Connor

Julieanne O’Connor is a strategist, a professional NSA and TEDx Speaker, a certified corporate trainer, a certified coach and a seasoned marketing professional. She is a published author with a diverse background in new product launches, PR, social media and timely online advertising strategies. She was a spotlight speaker for INBOUND16, hosted by Hubspot and she trains Nationwide on current Branding and Social Media strategies. Julieanne is the Founder of Animal Impulse, Ltd., and runs the Social Media division of ZLinked Marketing & Advertising (