Case Acceptance for Complete Dentistry





9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Making it EASY for patients to say YES!

The most important behavioral processes in the practice of dentistry are case presentation for complete care and new/recall patient experiences. These processes create robust levels of treatment acceptance, practice profitability, and a thriving long-term career.

Dr. Paul Homoly CSP, is a world-class leader in dental education. As a comprehensive, restorative dentist and acclaimed educator for over thirty years, he is known for his innovative and practical approach to dentistry.

Paul Homoly is the author of the highly regarded books, Dentists: An Endangered SpeciesIsn’t It Wonderful When Patients Say Yes!Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”,  Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting and Case Acceptance for Everyday Dentistry. Paul also co-created the iTunes app DDS GP YES.


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