Mike Czubiak,


Dr. Czubiak is an innovative leader in the field of dentistry working to bring fresh solutions to dentists nationwide. Dr. Czubiak has lectured extensively on technology, practice management, oral-systemic health and leadership. He is the founder of Camarillo Smiles and the California Academy of Dental Assisting. He co-founded Lotus- Leadership for Dentists, co-authored the book Hygiene Superstar and co-hosts the podcast Hygiene Superstar the Podcast. Dr. Czubiak is a practicing general dentist in Camarillo, California. He graduated from UCLA in 1988 and started his own practice from scratch. As his practice grew, so did the challenges. His struggles have given him a first hand experience of the challenges that dentists all face in running a dental practice. Dr. Czubiak is known for his genuine and often entertaining approach to helping dentists pursue their passions and grow their practices.