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4M Institute is the leader in post-graduate education for dental professionals around the globe.

After expanding 4M Dental Implant Centers across the western United States to become top implant practices, Dr. Sean Mohtashami founded 4M Institute, a beautiful, state of the art training facility.

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Dentistry is ever-changing, with stronger and more natural looking materials, complex procedures becoming mainstream, and faster and less painful techniques giving patients better results quicker and more comfortably than ever before.

4M Institute teaches dentists from all over the world the NeoArch Dental Implant Solution, how to do it, why it’s necessary for any practice to stay competitive and relevant, and how to market the procedure to patients for big results.

Learning these skills will improve your practices and the lives of your patients.

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comprehensive curriculum

Knowing how to complete a full-arch procedure is only part of the puzzle.

To fully profit from your advanced training, you need know how to find prospective patients and get them into your office. Your team needs to WOW! them, and your salespeople must be able to sell high-ticket treatments. 

Our NeoArch courses cover all aspects of a successful, beginning-to-end full-arch case. Our marketing and sales courses expand upon the non-surgical aspects of high-ticket dental procedures.

Top of their fields

Faculty members are specifically selected and invited to teach at 4M Institute by virtue of their experience, prestigious track records, and peer recognition as leaders in their fields. 

Among them, you’ll find doctors, marketing experts, social media specialists, team coordinating gurus, and more. 


Advanced training at 4M Institute means you and your team will acquire expert-level skills to change lives – while dramatically increasing your earning power

Not only does 4M Institute offer courses that will teach you cutting-edge skills, but it also helps set your practice apart with advanced certifications.

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