4MI Advanced Study

4MI Alumni

4MI alumni have successfully completed a 4M Institute course. With consistent new course offerings, 4M Institute provides continuing education opportunities for our students and their entire teams, encompassing not only surgical and restorative, but mindset, marketing, and the business of dentistry. We help our alumni forge their own paths in dentistry.


4M Institute Advanced Study

4MI Full-Arch
Elite Practitioner

4MI Full-Arch Elite Practitioners have performed an All-on-X procedure at the 4M Institute, or submitted documentation for three All-on-X procedures performed at their private practice, for review by the Institute.

Contact us for guidance on achieving Full-Arch Elite Practitioner status.

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4MI Full-Arch
Elite Mentor

Knowing how to complete a full-arch procedure is only part of the puzzle.

4MI Full-Arch Elite Mentors have audited 4M Institute’s flagship All-on-X course, provided training to their assistants through our All-on-X dental assistant course, and helped new 4MI students by overseeing the cadaver portion of our flagship course.

Contact us for guidance on achieving Full-Arch Elite Mentor status.

4MI Full-Arch
Elite Leader

4MI Full-Arch Elite Leaders are experts in full-arch dentistry and the business of building a practice around the procedure.

4MI Full-Arch Elite Leaders have attended our full-arch course multiple times, 

Contact us for guidance on achieving Full-Arch Elite Leader status.

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